Advantages of a Realistic Recruitment Message

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The way a recruitment message isPortrayed directly affects how the job applicants conceive it. Ultimately, it affects the entire recruitment process and its final outcome. Most organizations, through their human resource departments, are accustomed to portraying recruitment messages in the way they think the job applicant will be more interested. In essence, they tend to send recruitment messages to match what they think are suitable for job applicants and get interested in the job. However, this has not beneficial to the company. As opposed to this, it is beneficial for organizations to convey most realistic job messages when advertising for vacant positions. This essay discusses the benefits of relying on a realistic job message as opposed to what the applicants wants to hear.
There are numerous advantages of using realistic recruit messages in the advertisements.  In addition, it contains and conveys the most accurate and detailed information about the nature of the vacant position. Prospective job applicants will understand all it takes to fulfill the vacant position. This streamlines and eases the recruitment process. This is because the applicants are fully appraised of the nature of the job before applying, so there will be no surprise during the interviews (Caruth, Caruth, & Pane, 2009).
Firms will certainly have problems during recruitment if they do not convey realistic job message in the advertisements. For instance, a company may fail to hire the right candidate for the job if it posts only messages that potential applicants want to hear. In the long term, the company will be stuck with bad employees. To solve this problem, the company may be forced to start new recruitment process. This may be expensive and leads to wastage of company resources as well as time and energy. Important employees may also start leaving the comp