Case study Road and Transport Authority

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Description of the Company
Roads and Transport Authority is a leading publicly traded government entity in the transport sector, operating within the emirates of Dubai. By being a government entity, RTA is tasked with ensuring that Dubai, as a main city, has high-quality transport infrastructure facilities. It initiates the governments agenda of enhancing the public transport system and facilities by improving roads across the Emirates to make travel safer and smoother. Therefore, RTA does not deal in specific products but rather service to the countrys transport sector (Gokulan 2015).
RTA was established in 2005 through the decree number 17. Specifically, RTA is responsible for providing and planning all the national transport and traffic requirements. The company is responsible for controlling buses, taxis, road engineering, inter-city transportation, marine transport, rail projects, road beautification, as well as registration and licensing.
The entity operates in the Emirates of Dubai road markets. Its pimary purpose is to promote the development of roads and transport system in this market. It does not have competitors in this market because of its nature of work. Just like other traditional large entities all over the world, RTA uses a functional horizontal management structure. In this case, managers depend on employees in a single department and higher levels of management to run the company. It is illustrated in the figure below.
Innovation Policies and Strategies of RTA
Over the last few years since its inception, Roads and Transport Authority has produced many innovative products, which affirm its innovative ability to this market segment. In essence, the entity promotes open knowledge and innovation in its workplace. This has helped it nurture an environment that is conducive to innovation and creativity, thereby inculcating the culture of innovative thinking amongst its employees. Amongst the many innovative products RTA is currently working on is the Drive Less Car. RTA will launch this innovative product during Expo 2020 (Faham 2015).
The entity announced that it has commenced the commissioning of a study that will enhance the use of driverless cars in Dubai. This is the entitys part of utilizing the latest technologies in the field of mobility solution